Just last week I read the ramblings of some misguided poster on the respected Money Saving Expert website berating some poor soul for buying tickets from a Secondary Ticket Agent. His point was it was the Money Saving Forum and how could you recommend a Secondary Agent “they all charge too much”. So, when did this “expert” last look at the cost of tickets on the Secondary Market? Our guess is never. It is a well known fact that near 40% of ALL tickets sold on the Secondary Market are BELOW face value!! Why is this? Well, it is simple economics really – supply and demand. When demand goes down, the price falls. Take this years V Festival as a for instance. A well known Primary Agent was spouting a volume of vitriol earlier this year because Secondary agents were selling tickets below face value – “It can’t be true! It’s a scam!” Why? Because the the tickets were fifty pounds cheaper on the Secondary Market and all of the “Official” sellers were stuck with them at face value – Welcome to the Ticket Industry! If a Primary seller, let’s take Ticketmaster as an example, was selling tickets for £100 one week and then one week later selling the same ticket for £50 what do you think happens? Because in the Secondary Markets we know. Suddenly the person who paid £100 has a prior appointment and wants a refund – so they can then buy the ticket at £50 – it is human nature!! Nobody wants a half empty Arena so they need to sell the tickets, if they can’t sell on the Primary Platforms it is the Secondary Market that is tasked with getting rid of them – for the best price. So the tickets end up on the Secondary Market, below face value, DUH!!!