Association of Secondary Ticket Agents

Consumer Help

ASTA is here not just for the benefit for its members, but also to help the public when it comes to dealing with the secondary ticketing market.

That can range from resolving issues surrounding online purchases, to answering questions relating to the conduct or practices of secondary ticketing websites and exchanges.

If you’re looking to make a ticket purchase, you can find a list of primary and secondary websites that sell event tickets on the Other Resources page.

But if you’ve already bought a ticket from a secondary website and you’re concerned because it’s yet to arrive, then it’s important to be patient and remember that often tickets for events aren’t printed and dispatched until very close to show dates.

All four of the major UK secondary websites track all orders to ensure all tickets get to buyers in good time, and sellers that don’t deliver promptly are chased until they do.

Any seller that has issues fulfilling an order will be given time to resolve any issues, but ultimately if there’s any danger to you not getting what you’ve paid for, they will step in, which can mean upgrades, replacements, comparable alternatives, compensation, or a combination of all four.

Issues that go beyond tickets arriving on time are harder to deal with, especially if it comes to concerns over ticket validity or the verifiability of a purchase.

But if you are worried that you won’t get in with a ticket you’ve purchased just because the ticket has someone else’s name on, then this is something that you don’t need to be concerned with.

People regularly buy tickets for family, friends, work colleagues and children and they are also often given as gifts, particularly at Christmas - so it's absolutely fine to see someone else's name on a ticket you have purchased.

Our members only sell valid tickets, so if you've purchased your ticket from an ASTA member, either directly or indirectly, then you can be sure you'll be absolutely fine attending your event. Consumer Help | ASTA-UK When looking to purchase tickets online for a UK event, we recommend using only official and verified primary ticketing agencies.