The announcement that the CEO and founder of Seatwave online “ticket marketplace” Mr Joe Cohen has stepped down has surprised many in the industry. Unusually Mr Cohen has stepped down with no immediate successor in sight, an unusual scenario in corporate circles. The fact that the Sales Director Chris Willis is leaving in the latter half of this month (Jan 2013) against the backdrop of Marketing Director James Hamlin’s resignation just last month leaves plenty of scope for speculation about the future of the company. Seatwave has steadily lost money year on year since it’s inception but rumours are rife that 2013 will see the venture “break even”. Joe Cohen’s tenure has seen plenty of controvesy but the last twelve months have doggedly persued the management team with plenty of innuendo and back stage whispers regarding Seatwave’s involvement with the now defunct “Operation Podium” and the “advisory panel” it was, well – advising. The view from here leaves Stub Hub and ViaGoGo battling it out but frankly, ViaGoGo don’t stand a prayer against the juggernaut. Interesting times ahead we think.