Association of Secondary Ticket Agents

About ASTA

ASTA was founded in 2005 to give legitimate tickets agents and brokers a unified and vocal presence in the UK secondary ticketing market.

We’ve remained an ever-present body, committed to ensuring that our members are represented and portrayed fairly, and that consumers and businesses who wish to or need to can confidently benefit from the services that ticket brokers offer.

We work with government bodies and departments to offer guidance on matters relating to the industry, and we make representations to committees and enquiries to ensure lawmakers have a better understanding of the benefits and intricacies of the secondary ticketing market.

ASTA members range from professional individuals to limited companies, and as well as being here to serve their interests, we’re also here to act as a contact point for consumers who may have concerns over any dealings they’ve had relating to the purchase of tickets online.

Our website contains the Code of Practice that our members subscribe to when joining, as well as background information on the secondary market, links and tips we hope consumers find useful, as well as our contact information. About ASTA | ASTA-UK Established in October 2005, ASTA is a not-for-profit national regulatory body of the UK secondary ticket industry.