Association of Secondary Ticket Agents

Our Beliefs

Membership Integrity

We think it’s important that every member of ASTA acts with integrity and shares our core beliefs, and for that reason our Code of Practice must be accepted prior to any new member joining, and it must be adhered to.

It wouldn’t take too many rogue traders too long to damage the reputation of the entire industry, and we’re vigilant as to who we allow to represent the ASTA brand.

We carefully monitor the activities of our membership, and we take note of any complaints we receive from consumers or secondary ticketing websites regarding bad practises.

Ticket brokers often play a big part in creating special memories for people, and we expect every ASTA member to operate with the utmost integrity in every aspect of their trade.

Consumer Protection

People that put their trust in ticket brokers when purchasing their event tickets deserve full consumer protection, and we feel strongly that this should be applied comprehensively across the secondary market.

Attending an event often means additional expenses that run alongside, such as travel, accommodation and eating out, and the ticket part of a buyer’s experience must live up to every expectation they have.

When buying tickets on the secondary market, the consumer should have complete confidence that they will get what they paid for.

Industry Fairness

Both the primary ticketing market and the secondary ticketing market have important roles to play in delivering tickets to consumers who have a variety of different needs.

We believe that criticisms levelled at either section of the industry should be balanced and honest, and not misleading to the public or to consumers.

Where accusations or suggestions are levelled at the secondary industry, or expectations are set by authorities, we believe that the primary industry, promoters and other relevant bodies should be held to account to the same standards.

Marketplace Transparency

Buying tickets is an important and sometimes expensive outlay, and we believe that consumers have a right to know the full details about who or where their ticket is coming from, and what exactly that ticket entitles them to.

From every detail regarding the location of the seat or standing area, to any restrictions or conditions the ticket may have.

We believe in a transparent marketplace that gives the consumer all the facts they need to make their choice, without gimmicky marketing tactics or misleading pressure selling techniques.

We encourage our members to speak out against secondary ticketing websites that fall below the standards we would expect. ASTA | Our Beliefs We think it’s important that every member of ASTA acts with integrity and shares our core beliefs.