Association of Secondary Ticket Agents

Code of Practice

Members of ASTA are governed by a Code of Practice that helps to ensure an honest and trustworthy marketplace to meet the needs of both consumers and professional ticket agents and brokers, as well as ensuring all involved in the industry operate reliably, honourably and lawfully.

  • ASTA members are expected to provide a service consistent with good business practice, not to engage in methods of trade that are unlawful, and to offer equality of professional service to any consumer regardless of their race, religious belief, gender, sexuality, age, disability or nationality.

  • ASTA members shall maintain good character and refrain from acting in a manner that is detrimental to the industry or the reputation of the organisation.

  • ASTA members will disclose to the consumer prior to purchase the exact location of seats represented by any tickets offered for sale (when this information is known), by means of block, row and seat numbers (or applicable standing or general admission zone) - including any restrictions stated on the tickets - and not misinform or mislead in anyway any information related to the location of the seats/zone represented.

  • ASTA members will not use any automated devices, applications or programs for the specific purpose of purchasing tickets and shall only obtain or purchase tickets through legal means.

  • ASTA members must deliver tickets purchased by clients (or through secondary exchange sites) promptly and in good time. Where instances of possible late or problematic delivery arise, for whatever reason, members shall inform clients (or the relevant secondary exchange sites) at the nearest given opportunity if there is a reasonable chance their tickets will not be delivered on time. ASTA members must offer a suitable remedy to clients in such instances.

  • ASTA members shall not falsely suggest or imply any affiliation with any promoter, venue, box office, agent or any other body or organisation.

  • ASTA members shall maintain regular business hours and be contactable by telephone or by e-mail by clients (or by secondary exchange sites on behalf of clients) to ensure queries are responded to promptly.

  • ASTA members shall not release or misuse confidential information given by clients during the process of any business dealings without permission (unless legally required to do so) and shall keep full records of all transactions.

  • ASTA members shall display the ASTA logo on all appropriate business records and in a prominent place in all offices and retail premises that consumers have access to. Advertisements from ASTA members shall be legal, decent, truthful and accurate.

  • ASTA members shall seek to comply with all areas of relevant law regarding the purchasing and reselling of event tickets.

Any member found to be in breach of this Code of Practice may be informally warned, formally warned or expelled from the organisation. ASTA | Code of Practice Members of ASTA are governed by a Code of Practice that helps to ensure an honest and trustworthy marketplace.